Some common terms used throughout the IEEE CSDL REST API:


Computer Society Digital Library


Digital Object Identifier (See for information)


Magazines, Transactions, and Letters


Otherwise known as Conferences. A "proceeding" and a "conference" are used interchangeably.

What is an "AMSID"?

The CSDL shares an identifier with the IEEE Xplore digital library.

This identifier is solely an IEEE Xplore field, but we've included it in the CSDL articles and publications as well.

Some of the CSDL REST API endpoints can use this AMSID to extract specific article and publication data.

What is an "ID PREFIX"?

The CSDL uses a set of 2-digit values for its Periodicals. (Example: Computer Magazine = co)

See the "CS Publication Info" page for more information.

For CSDL Proceedings the "ID PREFIX" is the acronym of the conference.